Book Corner Director


Book Corner Director


Purpose:                    The purpose of the Book Corner Director is to oversee and run all aspects
of the Parish book store.


Goals:                        The Book Corner Director is directed to accomplish the following:


                                    1.         Obtain books, Icons and similar merchandise for sale to the Parish
through the designated Book Corner in the Fellowship Hall.

                                    2.         Provide stock from Lamp-post Books Stock as well as acquire
stock with funds budgeted by the Parish Council.

                                    3.         Ensure that all items stocked in the Book Corner are of a nature
that is compatible with the beliefs and practices of the Orthodox

                                    4.         Maintain the Book Corner in a condition that does not detract from
the aesthetics of the church building.


Accountability:         This Director is accountable to the Parish Council for the administration
of the Book Corner. This Director is accountable to the Rector for the
spiritual content of the Book Corner stock.


Interaction:               This Director is empowered to direct the following committees or




This Director is subject to the following committees or directors:


1. Building and Grounds Committee

                                                2. Aesthetic Director

Approved by the Parish Council on _________________________________.