Liturgical Committee


Liturgical Committee


Type:                          The Liturgical Committee is a standing committee


Purpose:                    The purpose of the Liturgical Committee is to assist the Rector in the
selection and acquisition of liturgical books and supplies for the Parish
and to assist the Rector in preparation for liturgical feasts.


Goals:                        The Liturgy Committee is directed to accomplish the following:


                                    1.         Make sure needed liturgical supplies are on hand (i.e., candles,
incense, palm leaves, flowers, etc.)

                                    2.         Work with the Rector to determine what liturgical items are

                                    3.         Make sure the appropriate liturgy books are purchased and
available for various services

                                    4.         Oversee the updating of liturgy books

                                    5.         Oversee the storage of the various liturgy books

                                    6.         Be responsible for the cleaning of robes

                                    7.         Prepare a budget request annually for the Parish Council


Accountability:         This committee is accountable to the Rector and the Parish Council.


Interaction:               This committee is empowered to direct the following committees or


Liturgy Book Committee


This committee is subject to the following committees or directors:



Approved by the Parish Council on _________________________________.